At Digital Butcher Co. we understand the negative impacts the food industry, specifically fresh protein production and retailing, have on the environment. Without going into why pasture-fed proteins are a far-superior product versus grain-fed alternatives as a sustainable product, we do acknowledge there are ways where we, as a fresh protein retailer, can limit our impact on the planet.

This is why we schedule our deliveries on selected days so to further reduce our carbon footprint.

We are also committed to limiting the use of plastics. Not withstanding the plastics may be recyclable, Digital Butcher Co. has been an early adopter of using 100% biodegradable bamboo trays for our proteins.

Understanding the amount of cardboard that is generated in the food delivery supply chain, often single use and discarded in landfill, is the reason why Digital Butcher Co. orders are delivered in 95% less packaging waste than traditional food delivery services.

The cumulative effect of this is with every Digital Butcher Co. order customers are reducing 95% of potential landfill waste re-entering the environment, plus you get the old school butcher feel, which is easier and most importantly greener. D.B.

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    Delivery Schedule

    To maintain our policy of preparing every order fresh on the day of delivery in compostable packaging, Digital Butcher Co. requires a minimum of 24 hours for our team of butchers to prepare & package your proteins.

    *Delivered Free on Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays *Delivered Free Tuesdays & Thursdays

    With a commitment to becoming a zero-carbon emitter, customer deliveries are made on Fridays within our delivery network. 

    Trade customer deliveries are made on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays.

    For your convenience, on the day of your delivery you will receive notifications via email from the Digital Butcher Co. team advising you of:

    • the scheduled time your order will be delivered
    • when your order is 20 minutes away from being delivered
    • when your order has been successfully delivered.