Digital Butcher Co. is committed to serving our customers as professionally as we can in good times and bad, and let’s face it, the last 18months have been rough!

To meet industry best practice in the age of COVID-19, Digital Butcher Co. has implemented a number of measures including:

  • adhering to a contactless mode of delivery for all residential customers
  • having a policy that customer deliveries are made by drivers who have been vaccinated from COVID-19.
    • All drivers also undertake weekly COVID tests as a preventative measure.

Yes, Digital Butcher Co. employs some of the industry’s longest-serving butchers (we like to call them our craftsmen) who prepare your order on the day of delivery, so you receive only the freshest proteins – conveniently & sustainably.

Good question! Although we could talk for days about how pasture-fed, ethically reared proteins are a superior product, we will try and encapsulate what pasture-fed & ethically reared actually means. Our products have been allowed to graze in their natural environment without the confines of feed-lots that grain-fed proteins endure. When livestock is ultimately processed, industry best practice is followed.

All Digital Butcher Co. products are sourced from regional producers who meet the most stringent animal welfare standards. With a supply chain that starts at the farm gate, Digital Butcher Co. has complete oversight from the farm gate; to your order being delivered to your door, maintaining a high level of product integrity & food safety standards.

Yes, you sure can. On the morning of your scheduled delivery, you will receive an SMS alerting you to the schedule time your delivery will arrive. When our driver is 20 minutes away you will receive another SMS advising you on your order’s imminent arrival.

Don’t stress, this happens from time to time. We can do 1 of 2 things.

  • We can re-route driver in the event you are within a 5km radius from your delivery address or
  • Leave out your favourite esky or cold storage bag and we will securely place your order at your preferred location at home.

In accordance with Food Safety best practice and adhering to AUSNZ Food Safety regulations, all Digital Butcher Co. orders are delivered via refrigerated vehicles.

Where we can, we always prefer having a Digital Butcher Co. team member deliver your order so we can maintain the highest levels of service and order integrity. In the event we incur spikes in our order-flow, we often engage third party deliver companies who we believe meet our high delivery standards of food safety.

All packaging Digital Butcher Co. uses can be re-purposed or disposed of sustainably. Click to here to read more on how you can turn your product trays into compost and re-purpose butcher’s paper.

Yes, in the event you believe your order is in some way below your expectations, please contact our customer service team at and we’ll arrange immediate collection of your goods which we will be happy to replace or refund, depending on your preference and your respective concern.

Here at Digital Butcher Co. we don’t use any of the usual gases or water that gets pumped into some proteins that is why it doesn’t come to you looking like a pumped-up cushion. On the rare occasion your order may have had another product resting on it, it could arrive looking like it is a little darker (a little like a bruise), please be assured there is nothing wrong with the protein, our advice to you is to just bring it out into the warmth of the kitchen and it should return back to its usual red self.

Digital Butcher Co. believes in a fair & equitable distribution of the retail price we charge our customers. At the heart of what we do is incentivizing best practice across our supply chain, so our suppliers maintain (and often improve upon) the highest quality products, which then they are able to supply on sustainably basis – music to our ears.

Below is a guide of what makes up the RRP of Digital Butcher Co standard productsCost breakdown


Click here to access our policies in relation to:

If you believe there is a question that should be included in our FAQs section, don’t hesitate to contact us at so we can add it. If we do publish your question, we will send a trucker cap & T as a thank you! D.B.

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    Delivery Schedule

    To maintain our policy of preparing every order fresh on the day of delivery in compostable packaging, Digital Butcher Co. requires a minimum of 24 hours for our team of butchers to prepare & package your proteins.

    *Delivered Free on Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays *Delivered Free Tuesdays & Thursdays

    With a commitment to becoming a zero-carbon emitter, customer deliveries are made on Fridays within our delivery network. 

    Trade customer deliveries are made on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays.

    For your convenience, on the day of your delivery you will receive notifications via email from the Digital Butcher Co. team advising you of:

    • the scheduled time your order will be delivered
    • when your order is 20 minutes away from being delivered
    • when your order has been successfully delivered.