500g Free-range Chicken thighs (skin off)

$ 10.50

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Apologies to the long-suffering passionate home foodie who have been advocating for many years that if you are seriously wanting flavour, then there is only one place to go – we’ll give you a clue…starts at the thigh and ends in yum!

Digital Butcher Co.’s free-range, skinless chicken thighs will do to you what our South East Asian neighbors have been doing for millennia…enjoying free-range chicken thighs, which are packed full of flavour, allowing you options to stir-fry, oven-roasted or baked. We suggest a gentle dusting of flour and your favourite herbs and spices will do the trick.

To paraphrase that classic AC/DC track, our thighs will have you shaking all night long. Respect. D.B.

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All products are sourced exclusively from suppliers who meet the most stringent animal welfare standards including having the ability for livestock to graze freely in their natural environment.

Proteins must be kept refrigerated at -5 degrees Celsius or stored in freezer (-22 degrees Celsius) for a period up to 3 months from Use By Date on product packaging. It is recommended proteins to be consumed in the period 24 hours from defrosting.

Product of Australia.

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