Somersault Soda Mix 6 Pack

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It really is time you journeyed back, when flavoured sodas were made with love using a traditional slow brewing method. Fortunately our good friends at Somersault Sodas have done the heavy lifting for us and produce what we think is Melbourne’s best flavoured soda…just like we used to have when we ran under sprinklers, trying to juggle a snag in bread in one hand and bottle of flavoured soda-goodness in the other.

They had us at 50% less sugar and organic natural ingredients, but flavour varieties make it so easy to pair a soda with your favourite dish! đź’š

Cola Pear & Lime – Pairs well with comfort foods – burgers, tacos and American BBQs.

Lemon Squash – Pairs well with seafood, chicken and pork dishes.

Ginger Beer – Blended with a dash of lemon for extra zing. Think chicken skewers with some saganaki and home made greek salad.

Raspberry & Vanilla – Perfect for any occasion, like the label the flavour really stands out.

Lime & Pineapple – The taste of childhood.

Pink Grapefruit & Ginger –  Like a good Pale Ale can be enjoyed on any occasion.

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