The Holiday Road

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Planning your next great outdoors adventure just got a whole lot easier. As that classic 80’s lyric said… ‘It’s a long way down the Holiday Road’, so you might as well do it with some style minus the last-minute drama (we’ve all been there).

Combining all the necessities to make your next short stay a memorable one, The Holiday Road is curated with ready to eat pasture-fed, ethically reared proteins – allowing for minimal meal preparation, so you can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors with friends & family and less time worrying about what is for dinner.

P.S. Digital Butcher Co. formally salutes any customer who is now humming the tune ‘Holiday Road’ from everyone’s favourite 80’s vacation movie. D.B.

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2 x 300g Porterhouse Beef Steaks

500g Pasture-fed Beef Rib Eye steak

500g Free Range Chicken Loin Skewers

500g Beef Rissoles

500g Thin BBQ Beef Sausages

200g Free Range Bacon

All proteins are sourced exclusively from suppliers who meet the most stringent animal welfare standards including having the ability for livestock to graze freely.

All Beef products are pastured-fed, ethically-reared Bos Taurus cattle.

All Poultry products are Free-range Cornish Cross Poultry.

All products are free of added preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, other growth accelerants, and are fed on a diet primarily of pasture-based grass.

All products are Free-range Landrace pork.

All Lamb products are pasture-fed Ovis aries Lamb.

Products are sourced from primary producers located along the plains of South West and North East Victoria, Australia.

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