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Crispy Chinese Pork Belly

A classic dish which is timeless, super easy to cook and is incredibly flavoursome with Digital Butcher Co.’s free-range pork belly as the hero….yes! 💚

Preparation Time:

20 minutes

Cooking Time:

1 hour & 30 minutes


Use a standard fork or sharp skewer to gently piece the pork belly’s skin. Avoid piercing the fat or the fleshy part of the protein.
Turn pork belly so skin side is down and rub base of the pork belly with Chinese cooking wine then finish preparation by generously sprinkling five spice powder, salt and pepper onto fleshy section of pork belly.
Turn pork belly so it is skin side up and place in a container. Dab skin dry with paper towels. Refrigerate uncovered for 12 hours (max 24 hrs, min 3 hrs).



  • Preheat oven to 180C
  • Remove pork belly from fridge and place onto a large sheet of foil. Fold up sides of foil around the pork belly to enclose it.
  • Transfer pork to baking tray. Dab skin with paper towels.
  • Brush skin with vinegar.
  • Spread rock salt on the skin.
  • Place in oven and cook for 60 minutes.
  • Remove pork belly from oven, remove foil and scrape all the salt off the top of the pork belly. 
  • To finish off cooking process, place pork belly under a medium grill for 20 – 25 minutes until skin is golden and crispy.


  • Remove pork belly onto a cutting board. Slice into 1 – 1.5cm pieces, then into smaller slices depending on your preference.

We recommend serving  with steamed fresh greens and a generous glass of Majella shiraz. D.B.


1 1/2 tbsp Chinese cooking wine (Shaoxing wine)

1 tsp Chinese five spice powder

1 tsp white pepper

1/2 tsp salt

1 tbsp white vinegar

100g rock salt

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