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Pork Sung Choi Bao

A DIY favorite that is flavorsome and light on the carbs.

Preparation Time:

40 Minutes

Cooking Time:

10 Minutes


Soak lettuce leaves in cold water for 1 hour, drain well, then set aside, covered, in the refrigerator (tip – you can do this as soon as you start, the longer your lettuce rests in the refrigerator the crunchier it will be.

Using a vegetable peeler, finely slice carrot lengthways into ribbons. Cut carrot into a fine julienne and do the same for the ginger. Finely dice your remaining vegetables (except bamboo shoots) and set them all aside on a large plate (tip – keep your vegetables in sections so they are easy to access when cooking, makes life easier).

Heat peanut oil in a hot wok and stir fry ginger, garlic, and pork mince for 1 minute. Add onions and mushrooms and continue stir-frying for 20 seconds.

Pour in wine, soy sauce, sugar, oyster sauce and sesame oil and stir-fry for 1 minute or until pork is cooked through. Toss in reserved carrot, celery, bean sprouts bok choy and spring onions and stir to combine.

Remove pork mixture from wok using a slotted spoon to ensure you leave any juice in the wok. Serve in a bowl set on a large platter, accompanied with lettuce-leaf cups. To eat, simply spoon pork mixture into lettuce cups add a little bit of fresh spring onions and a bit of fresh chili depending on your heat level, roll up to enclose the filling and eat with your fingers. Enjoy! D.B.


1  large carrot, peeled and julienned

2  sticks of celery, finely diced

1  large nub of fresh ginger, peeled and julienned

3  garlic cloves, finely diced

1/2 cup fresh bean sprouts

Bunch of bok choy, finely diced stems and leaves

1 small red onion, finely sliced

5 finely sliced spring onions (reserve ¼ cup for garnish)

8 button mushrooms sliced (discard stems)

8 small iceberg lettuce leaves

1 tablespoon light soy sauce

1 teaspoon white sugar

2 tablespoons peanut oil

1 teaspoon oyster sauce

1/4 teaspoon sesame oil

2 tablespoons of shaohsing wine (you can get this from most supermarkets now, or an Asian grocers)

1 large red chili very finely sliced (this is for garnish only)

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